Optoria: the Optimization API

Optoria is the first and only constantly evolving optimization API. It is a new idea that can interest you if you do optimization in your work or study.

Optoria allows you to solve black-box optimization problems through API calls. To solve a problem, you no longer need to be directly involved in algorithm setup and parameter tuning.

Solved Examples

Working with is as simple as it could be. Here are some solved examples:
  • 1) Download the examples repo:
  • 1) Inside the package you find:
    File Name Language Versions Max Dimension
    python_exmple.py Python all unlimited
    matlab_example.m Matlab >=2014b 30
    Pick one.
  • 2) Register for a free API key here and replace the fake API key in the example files with yours.
  • 3) You are all set. Now you can run the example problem.
  • 4) Next, you can replace the objective function in the example file with your own black-box problem and solve it.
  • 4) If you wanted to know more about the API commands and usage, please see the API Documentation .

    Why Switch to Optoria? (instead of using local solvers)

  • It gets you to the optimum with the minimum number of trials

    After an initial evaluation of the problem, Optoria assignes the right solver with its right configuration to solve your problem. To do this by yourself, you would need to check the performance of many algorithms and many configurations. A wrong solver and/or wrong configuration simply results in waste of time and finally a sub-optimal solution.

  • Optoria is evolving itself

    Optoria is designed to constantly improve the quality of its solvers by solving problems from all around the world. This allows for global participation in creating (and updating) the most efficient black-box solvers known to human. A centralized algorithm selection and configuration has never been around before Optoria.

  • It is secure by definition

    You no longer have to use commercial software packages to solve your black-box problems. Your problem is never submitted to Optoria. Only evaluations of objective function are submitted to an Optoria server via HTTP requests which are simple and transparent to you. You get to protect the full privacy of the formulation of your black-box problem.

  • It is agnostic to rest of your work

    Optoria is an API service so you can work with it through essentially any programming language and operating system.


    Optoria has in it a set of top solvers that are calibrated for maximum efficiency in solving black-box problems of different characteristics. The idea is to minimize the objective function with minimum number of iterations.

    Once you start solving a black-box problem with Optoria, the best solver, in its best configuration, is progressively identified and automatically assigned to your problem. Currently, below solvers are integrated into Optoria. More solvers are to be added.


    Depending on your location, pick one of my servers below. Use the corresponding IP address instead of the default one in the example files. (optional)
    Nickname Location IP
    Secta Atlanta